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Google Cloud Platform

The Perfect Engine for Your Workload From global, load-balanced, resilient services to flexible single-instance VMs, we provide a scalable range of computing options you can tailor to match your needs. Google Compute Engine provides highly customizable virtual machines with best-of-breed features, friendly pay-for-what-you-use pricing, and the option to deploy your code directly or via containers. Google Container Engine lets you use fully-managed Kubernetes clusters to deploy, manage, and orchestrate containers at scale. Google App Engine is a flexible platform-as-a-service that lets you focus on your code, freeing you from the operational details of deployment and infrastructure management.

Build Apps, Scale Automatically

Google Compute Engine delivers virtual machines running in Google’s innovative data centers and worldwide fiber network. Compute Engine’s tooling and workflow support enable scaling from single instances to global, load-balanced cloud computing. Compute Engine’s VMs boot quickly, come with high-performance persistent and local disk options, and deliver consistent performance. Our virtual servers are available in many configurations, including predefined sizes, and options to create Custom Machine Types optimized for your specific needs. Flexible pricing and automatic sustained use discounts make Compute Engine the leader in price/performance.

Automated Container Management

Google Container Engine is a powerful cluster manager and orchestration system for running your Docker containers. Container Engine schedules your containers into the cluster, keeps them healthy and manages them automatically based on requirements you define (such as CPU and memory). It’s based on Kubernetes, the leading open-source container orchestration system giving you the flexibility to take advantage of on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud infrastructure.

WordPress (Google Click to Deploy)

WordPress is web software used to create websites and blogs. Popular open stacks on Google Compute Engine packaged by Google. WordPress 4.7 will be deployed to a single Compute Engine instance. customize the configuration with Artificially Intelligent Digital.

Google Cloud Platform lets you build and host applications and websites, store data, and analyze data on Google’s scalable infrastructure with machine learning and artificial intelligence deeply integrated.
We offer a proven, integrated end to end Big Data solution, based on years of innovation at Google, that lets you capture, process, store and analyze your data within a single platform. With Google Cloud Platform you can focus on finding insights rather than managing your infrastructure.
Google Cloud Storage is a scalable object storage service suitable for all kinds of unstructured data. It provides you with durable, available, secure and cost-efficient object storage suitable for all kinds of workloads.
Google’s high quality private network connects our regional locations to more than 100 global network points of presence close to your users. Google Cloud Platform also uses state-of-the-art software-defined networking and distributed systems technologies to host and deliver your services around the world.
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What’s Next For Big Data

We offer a proven, integrated end to end Big Data solution, based on years of innovation at Google, that lets you capture, process, store and analyze your data within a single platform.

Machine Learning

AI Digital utilizes algorithms to build models that uncover connections, so our partners can make better decisions much faster than ever possible.

WordPress Deployment 

Layered With Artificially Intelligent Marketing Blazing Fast Results Optimized to the Fullest Near Perfect Site Speed For SEO.

Compute Engine

The perfect engine for your workload build apps scale automatically serverless application on Google infrastructure.


Virtual Private Cloud Managed networking functionality for your cloud platform resources. 100% Availability and Low Latency.

Identity & Security

The Google security model is an end-to-end process, built on over 15 years of experience focused on keeping customers safe.

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